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10 types of escape room players:
which one are you?

As game masters at Xscape-It, we learned that every escape room team is unique. We become witnesses of interesting moments, people and stories. We can see things from another side and always with a sense of humor. At our escape room in Lagos, we observed 10 types of funny players that you can find in…
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Escape rooms: A new trend for stag and hen parties

If you are planning a stag or hen weekend in the Algarve, make sure you save one hour to experience an escape room. Why Escape Rooms are a great idea for stag and hen weekends? Gather your hens or stags and get ready to try out our escape room! It’s a perfect daytime or pre-dinner…
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Tips on how to beat an escape room

There is no ultimate secret to beat each and every escape room and we won’t give you any clues to escape The Orphanage beforehand (that’s no fun), but we can give you some advice on how to better the odds. Explore : everything in an escape room can be a clue In escape rooms, some…
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